KT-FR1 is our highly successful high precision gearbox series.

Integration of aluminun body to ensure the maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance, and easy to assemble with multiple precision machined surface. The use of top-level spiral bevel gear, with optimization design, the contact tooth surface of uniform load、allowable hith torque out put. Gear is made of high strength alloy steel carburizing, grinding precision accorded with the standard of ISO 6. The design of multiple alloy steel output and input shaft applies to various industrial requirements. Spiral bevel gear set of high precision grinding can achieve 400:1 ratio. The simplified structure design with high torque and low backlash applies to applications of precision servo. With maintenance-free, no need to replace the grease and long service life.


– Output shaft key way, without key be available.
– Synthetic lubrication grease, low temperature grease available.
– Adaptor flange solution available.


– High precision spiral bevel gearing and powerful stability.
– High efficiency and low noise control.
– Long distance operation service lifetime.
– Optimized inertia moment.
– Limited temperature rise.
– Flexible input mounting dimensions.
– Maintenance free for whole service.

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