Sustainability and social responsibility are critical important for our industrial success.

Our target always be providing customer high quality product solution combined with effective environmental protection

and corporate social responsibility.


The environmental protection factors always been taken into consideration at the very beginning of our gearbox producs

design for material selection.

Our products mostly consist of steel and aluminum, both materials can be 100% recyclable.

We continuously optimize the energy efficiency of our gearbox products. Now our gearbox efficiency rate can be up to 97%.

Our gearbox products support our customers to use energy efficiently to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.   


All our global suppling partners shall comply with the environmental protection principle.

This is also one important threshold to be a part of our global supply chain system.

Process Optimization

All our processes under well-design, and they are strongly practiable.

Our business enficiency continously be improved via the powerful process optimization.

Resources Optimization

We use all LED lightings in our company area.

We use new engergy power AGV car for our internal transportation.

We built water recycling system in our factory, and we use collected water for green irrigation.

Social Engagement

All our top management and staffs actively participate in voluntary and social activities.

We contribute within the local community and elsewhere through donations and sponsorships.