KPLN is our highly sucessful high precision gearbox series

All KPLN planetary gearbox adopt the alloy forged steel as the raw material, the powerful heat treatment, the latest helical gear design, full needle roller bearings, and global top level gear grinding craft. Perfect integrated design of caged planetary carrier and output shaft to realize high rigidity. For any high precision applications, KPL would be your great option for planetary gearhead.


– Output shaft key way, without key be available.
– Synthetic lubrication grease, low temperature grease available.
– Adaptor flange solution available.


– Extremely high precision gearing and powerful stability.
– High efficiency and low noise control.
– Long constant operation service lifetime.
– Optimized inertia moment.
– Limited temperature rise.
– Flexible input mounting dimensions.
-без технического обслуживания в течение всего срока службы.

Technical data

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SPL Series Catalogue

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Installation & Maintenance

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