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Dear Customers, Kofon has spent the last couple months diligently learning about coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on the world. We continue to closely monitor Covid-19 developments and make the effort for additional actions to support our customers. Kofon plays an essential role in provide excellent servo gearbox products and motion technical service to our customers who depend on our components in many automation industries globally. Thank you for your trust during the covid-19 tough period in China. Kofon China headquarter factory gearbox production lines completely recovered from March 20, 2020 and constantly enlarge our gearbox production capacity to meet the massive increasing needs from some automation industries like medical, AGV, new energy etc. 2020- Kofon is your confidence for support.
The plan of presenting planetary gearbox at the exhibitions during the year 2020 be postponed. We ask for attention of customers looking of servo gearbox, as KOFON will participate in the exhibitions in the year 2021. At that time our team of specialists will go to present new product and the latest trends & development in planetary gearhead technology. We KOFON have long history and good repulation in the market that have good preparation for our customers. The sales volume increases on year-on-year basis especially in the domestic market. Win-Win is the only way to go. Your confidence in us has always been the core of our attention.
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